Speech presented by Dr. Saad S. Khan, President of ECI In the Commemoration Day of Khayam on May17,2024

Speech presented by Dr. Saad S. Khan, President of ECI In the Commemoration Day of Khayam on May17,2024
از جمله رفتگان این راه دراز
باز آمده کیست تا به ما گوید راز
زینهار د راین دوراهه آز و نیاز 
تا هیچ نمانی که نمی آیی باز 
Omar Khayyam, the mathematician, philosopher, astronomer and famous poet of his time, lived during the Seljuk era and is famous in the world. He is mostly known across countries like ECO and also other countries as a quatrains poet, but his main contributions were in mathematics and astronomy. Khayyam along with his colleagues and students, created Jalali Calendar, which is one of the most accurate calendars globally and is still used in Iran. This calendar is very precise and systematic that it’s said it show mathematical difference only in one second over 10000 years.
Omar Khayyam wrote more than ten thesis and books and the book Nowruznameh is also attributed to him. He was a student of Ibne Sina (Avicenna) and was so interested in his works and thoughts that it is said he had the book called "Shifa" by Avicenna in his hands in the final days of his life. The construction of Esfahan Observatory is also among the services of this famous philosopher and astronomer. However, what made him famous have been his quatrains, which have been translated and published in most world languages. 
Edward fitz Gerald first translated a few quatrains of Khayyam into English in 1859, and after that there was attachment to Khayyam globally and significantly. In the following years, many translators have translated his works into various languages and introduced his literature enthusiasts to the world.
In this ECO region, there are many quatrains poets but when we talk about quatrains usually Khayyam name come to our mind. I believe, Khayyam ultimately mastered the art of composing simple and pleasant quatrains that evoke a sense of sympathy in reader after reading them which identify with their shared sentiments.  Khayyam discussed about mystery of life and death and search for uncovering secrets of existence and emphasized gratitude for life’s blessings. This philosophy has been expressed in various forms in the works and thoughts of other regional literati and poets, but Khayyam articulated it best, bringing his philosophical ideas into elegant quatrains. 
The connection between these four line verses is so strong and solid that composing them is beyond the reach of any ordinary poet.   
Khayyam is one of the most famous figures in the ECO region, with his quatrains translated into all regional languages. His quatrains are not only famous among poets and writers but also among various segments of the global community. 
So, on the day of Khayyam’s Commemoration one May 17, 2024, I extend my heartfelt congratulations and joyous greetings to all literature enthusiasts. 
May 17, 2024 00:37
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