5th Issue of 'ECO Norouz' Persian Journal Published

After a 9-Year-Lapse
5th Issue of 'ECO Norouz' Persian Journal Published
Issue 5 of the ECO Cultural Institute's Persian-language journal 'ECO Norouz was released after nine years of interruption.

According to ECI news, ECO Norouz (ISSN 2008-5508) is ECI's monthly arts, cultural and tourism journal which, in its first editions, dealt with subjects pertaining to arts, culture, education, tourism, economy, trade and investment in ECO Region.

During ECI's incumbent tenure, the journal has been revived with a fresh approach to cooperate with scientific and academic centers of the member states. The first of the new series, published after 9 years of interruption, is a brief glance at ECI's activities between October 2016 to December 2018 in areas including visual arts, literature and poetry, performing arts, tourism, conferences, workshops and academic courses, expert panels, international relations, museums, libraries, women, peace promotion, sports and publication. The journal's team includes Dr. Morteza Mousavian, the Chief editor; Parisa Firouzkouhi, Executive Director; Mohammad Mahmoodi, Internal Affairs Manager; Mehdi Omraninejad and Masoumeh Nazari, translators.

The upcoming issues of the journal will cover subjects including scientific methods of determining the authenticity of arts, cultural and historical objects; role of women in family and society's health and quality assessment in academic systems which will be released in cooperation with the Iranian Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) and Alzahra University of Iran.




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