About this Award

The need for the expansion of relations among the peoples in the ECO region, along with the significant role of youth as a major driving force for the ECO countries development, has increased the importance of planning to maximize their optimal participation in the activities implemented by the ECO Cultural Institute. The ECO Youth Award initiative has been developed to support the plan above.


Scope of the proposal:
The ECOCI Youth Award initiative has been proposed with the aim to discover young talents and to pave the way to further popularize ECO Cultural Institute. The proposal focuses on a purposeful and constructive competition within each member country to introduce the talented nominees (between 18 to 30 years of age). Given that there is one winner from each member country, there will be no competition between countries.
The ECOCI Youth Award will be presented to individuals between 18 to 30 years of age with outstanding contribution or achievement demonstrated by tangible results or impact in research projects / arts (preferably regional) / sociability / culture / sports; in particular the achievements that may contribute to the goals and objectives of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)/ ECO Cultural Institute (ECOCI).
The award is presented annually to the winners selected from the nominations made by ECO member countries on occasions such as ECOCI Day / ECO Day.
In order to identify the ECO top youth, call for nominations will be published on ECOCI website and the Ministry of Culture of each ECO member state will nominate persons up to a maximum of three. The Award Committee, comprising the Cultural Attachés of ECO member states in Tehran, will judge and select one winner from each country.