The Legend of Tajik Music Passed Away

The Legend of Tajik Music Passed Away
Dolatmand Khalov, famous musician and singer of Tajikistan, passed away. Among the most famous works of this singer, we can mention the piece "Shah Panahm Bede…" in the description of Imam Reza (AS).
This Tajik style singer had collaborations with Iranian singers and created works with poems from great Persian writers with a loving but strict look.
Dolatmand was born in 1950 in a small village in Daghestan, Shurabad District, Tajikistan. Although his family were farmers, his parents' familiarity with culture and literature made him fascinated by literature and music in his childhood. Dolatmand after a long time with an exemplary effort started playing Dotar, Ghichak and Sitar until he reached the point where his mastery in playing and singing brought the voice of this Daghestan artist from Tajikistan to the world.
The life of Professor Dolatmand Khalov can be called one of the greatest advocates of Persian language and literature in Tajikistan. According to his mystic spirit, he worked about Mowlavi's poems and with the correct reliance on music, he pointed out the power of Persian language and literature and ancient Persian poetry to the people of music. his first concert in 1963 at the age of 13 was broadcast on national television and has been singing Molavi's poems in the form of Tajik music since about three decades ago. In addition, he won many international awards, he received the Golden price of France. The song "Dor Masho" by Dolatmand Khalov is taken from Saeb Tabrizi's and Molana's poems.
It should be mentioned that the President of ECOCI and the Minister of Culture and Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a message of condolence on this occasion
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