ECI President praises Saadi's wisdom as a guiding light for countless souls

ECI President praises Saadi's wisdom as a guiding light for countless souls
A ceremony titled "Saadi Treasure" was held on April 22, 2024, at the ECI Headquarters to commemorate Saadi Shirazi. The event was organized in partnership with the "Association of Cultural Works and Dignitaries".
At the event, Dr. Saad S. Khan, President EC, Dr. Saad Khan, President of ECI, extolled Saadi as a universal mentor whose insights have transcended time and borders. “Saadi Shirazi is not merely a poet; he is a scholar of life and a sage of ethics whose wisdom has illuminated the path for countless souls,” Dr. Khan remarked. He emphasized the pivotal role played by cultural luminaries across the vast ECO region, in guiding humanity with their enlightened thoughts, with Saadi’s works being a cornerstone in this intellectual tapestry.
During the Seminar, Dr. Mahmoud Shalooei, Head of the Iranian “Society for Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries” underscored Saadi’s relevance in today’s complex world. Saadi’s unique ability to blend poetry and prose allowed him to address contemporary challenges. His wisdom resonates through the ages, offering solutions to societal problems.
He emphasized that Saadi’s teachings hold the keys to survival and stability in a turbulent world. Tolerance and coexistence, he asserted, are the cornerstones of lasting peace. Saadi’s emphasis on forgiveness and compassion serves as a timeless reminder for humanity.
The seminar also featured insights from Mr. Abdolmehdi Mostakin, a renowned Iranian scholar and expert on Saadi’s oeuvre. He highlighted the thematic currents of punctuality and tolerance that permeate Saadi’s poetry, underscoring the poet’s intent to unveil nature’s concealed splendor through his artful verse.
As the seminar unfolded, the enchanting melodies of Saadi’s poems filled the air. Mr. Mohsen Karimi and Mr. Ali Khodaei, Iranian singers and musicians, paid homage to Saadi’s timeless legacy through their performances.




Apr 22, 2024 09:18
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