ranian calligraphers unite to protest Israeli atrocities

ranian calligraphers unite to protest Israeli atrocities
Iranian calligraphers have come together to protest Israeli atrocities against Palestinians through a unique form of artistic expression, writing the Al-Fil Surah in solidarity with the Palestinian cause on the sidelines of "Narration of Rain" Quranic art exhibition.
 The event, which took place on Thursday, aimed to raise awareness about the genocide in Palestine, ILNA reported. The exhibition, hosted by the Niavaran Cultural Center in collaboration with the Quranic Research Center, featured the third specialized session on calligraphy. The event was attended by renowned calligraphy experts, including Alireza Bakhshi, Iraj Naimai, and Mohammad Ali Qorbani.
The "Narration of Rain" exhibition will run over 200 works by Iranian artists. The exhibition aims to showcase the beauty of Islamic calligraphy and promote cultural exchange between Iran and other countries. 
It should be noted that after receiving the 21st Jose Kozo Press Freedom Award, prominent Iranian journalist Elaheh Mohammadi presented it to Wael al-Dahdouh and all Palestinian journalists who have made great sacrifices to draw attention to the situation in Gaza.
It should be noted that several prominent Pakistani artists turned the stage of receiving their award for their television performances into an opportunity to protest against the crimes of the Zionist regime. Pakistani website "Images" wrote in a report titled " Every award show is an opportunity to talk about Palestine — even the Hum Style Awards" and added': In today’s world, there are bigger issues at hand than who won what and why — such as news stories from Palestine spread across our social media and protests calling for accountability of the Western world. In this report, artists such as Haniyeh Amer, Bilal Saeed, Faris Shafi, Sauban Omis, Sabour Akram, etc. are mentioned, who condemned Israel's genocide in Palestine when they received their award and asked the artists of the world to join them.
May 17, 2024 08:51
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