Carpet Pattern Exhibition Opened at ECI

Carpet Pattern Exhibition Opened at ECI
The Carpet Pattern Exhibition was inaugurated at the ECI on Sunday, June 16, 2024. The event was graced by esteemed carpet art masters, weavers, and restorers
The exhibition showcased the exquisite creations of Mr. Amiri, Head of the Harivanshinan Institute. Among the highlights was the unveiling of his hand-woven representation of Cyrus’ Cylinder.
The opening ceremony featured a keynote address by  the ECI President, Dr. Saad S. Khan, who emphasized the significance of carpet art in the annals of cultural and artistic history. He remarked, “Most researchers concur that the earliest carpet emerged from the ECO region, known for its civilization.”
Subsequently, distinguished speakers including Mr. Mazinani from the Tehran Carpet Restorers Association’s Board, Mr. Yusuf Samadi Bahrami, Mr. Ebrahim Heydari, Director of the Asian Association, and Mr. Mohammad Amiri, engaged the audience with insights into the nuances of carpet artistry. They covered a range of topics such as the evolution of carpet restoration, various restoration techniques, preservation strategies for hand-woven carpets, weaving and dyeing methodologies, and the societal esteem accorded to carpet restorers.
In a special feature of the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to admire carpets and rugs that are over 120 years old. The exhibition is open to the public for four days, excluding holidays.
Jun 16, 2024 12:30
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