Illustration with words at sixth session of Negaarineh Khat course

Illustration with words at sixth session of Negaarineh Khat course
On Thursday, July 11,2024, the Diplomatic Library of ECI welcomed the enthusiastic presence of calligraphers, teachers and interested students of the Iranian Calligraphy Association for the sixth session of an eight-part course on Negaarineh Khat (a Persian calligraphy-painting style).
According to ECI, the third practical step of the course, instructed by Master Abbas Rahimi, focused on the practical examination of letter shapes and the creation of suitable spaces for their arrangement. The session emphasized the geometry of words, including their angles, curves, and elongations, and the appropriate placement of words to create a shape. 
Students in the class performed primary illustrations using words and Rumi’s poems in a triangular format, a method introduced in the fifth session. This time, under the direct supervision of Negaarineh Khat style’s creator, the artists and art students enthusiastically practiced the drill in a semi-circular shape using Hafez’s poems. This approach resulted in softer and more delicate works due to the increased curvature.
It should be noted that the Course will continue to be held every Thursday from 10:30 to 13:00 at the ECI Library.
Jul 11, 2024 15:20
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