Afghanistan Youth to Business Forum Established in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Youth to Business Forum Established in Afghanistan
For the first time in Afghanistan, AIESEC established an association in Afghanistan named “Afghanistan Youth to Business”

In objectives of understanding, dialogue and coordination between youth and economists, social activists and also Afghan economic decision makers, encourage youth to approach their goals through pay attention on business and finally solving the exiting challenges of Afghanistan by economic and business activities.

The association commenced its activities by 31 October 2013 in French Cultural Center of Afghanistan and will perform in part of universal youth association, AIESEC

Mr. Khalid Ahmad Dayani, Chancellor of Kabul University, Mr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Head of the Security Responsibilities Transition Commission, Mr. Khan Jan Alkozay, First Vice-Chairman of ACCI and Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, CEO of ACCI were key speakers at the event. The event was attended by many more students from public and private universities and also representatives of a few foreign organizations in Afghanistan.

"The purpose of the event is to have the opinions and dialogues of our young people and the Afghan and world economic and social leaders," said Ahmadullah Mouj, Head of AIESEC of Afghanistan.

Mr. Ghani underlined existence of youth in a country such Afghanistan as assets of the country and urged government to prioritize the assets in taking practicable economic and social policies toward approaching of Afghanistan to self-sufficiency.

Mr. Haqjo believably said that absolutely youth are owners of the country and will rebuild the country together with private sector not too distant future. He pledged that private sector will be working together with the association.

Organization of such association as part of universal bodies in a country such Afghanistan is so significant and will approach youth together universally and will provide an opportunity to exchange their experiences and knowledge to each other. ACCI as apex organization in pro businesses in Afghanistan will be supporting the association.




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