Unveiling ceremony of the Urdu translation of "Da"

Unveiling ceremony of the Urdu translation of "Da"
ECO Cultural Institute, realizing its objectives in the field of culture and to honor the prominent works of literature in the ECO region, will hold a ceremony to unveil the Urdu translation of the book entitled "Da", in presence of Ms. Sayyedeh Zahra Hosseini, the narrator and Ms. Sayyedeh Zahra Hosseini, the compiler of the book.

Da, is a Persian word in the Iran's Southern local dialect which means mother and Mrs. Sayedeh Zahra Hosseini, the narrator of the book, has chosen the title to note the pain, sorrow, endeavor and resistance of Iranian mothers. Ms. Sayedeh Fatemeh Hosseini has composed these narrations in a readable novel within five years.

Sayedeh Zahra Hosseini, is an Iranian Kurd, whose parents were living in Iraq before her birth in 1963. In her childhood, she and her family returned to Iran and settled in Khorramshahr, a city in Southern Iran, which was invaded by Saddam Hussein, the then president of Iraq, in 1980.

Sayedeh Zahra Hosseini was a seventeen-year-old girl as the war started. During the war, she did not hesitate to do everything to help, from provision of aid to the wounded to repair and preparation of weapons. Her father and brother were martyred in Khorramshahr and she buried them herself with her own hands. During the defense of Khorramshahr, she was shot and received an injury to her spine, remained with her forever. However, she never stopped assisting the war and the war affected people. Her account of the war is unparalleled.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at 15:00

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