Statement by H.E.Mr. Mamnoon Hassain. President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Statement by  H.E.Mr. Mamnoon Hassain.  President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Int'l Commemoration Conference on Allama Iqbal Lahori

14 June, 2015- Tehran


In the name of Allah


It is a pleasure to know that the ECO Cultural Institute is holding an International Conference on Allama Iqbal's poetry and philosophy. The theme of Iqbal's poetry addresses the challenges confronting Muslim Ummah today. Therefore we need to revert to Iqbal's teaching and philosophy more than over before. The unity of Muslims from Nile to Kashghar was Iqbal's message so that the Islamic world may emerge as a platform to devote itself to serving the welfare of humanity.

In his message for New Year on January 1st, 1938 Allama Iqbla had said and I quote:

"The world's thinkers are stricken dumb. Is this going to be the end of all progress and evolution of civilization? They ask, that men should destroy one another in mutual hatred and make human habitation impossible on this earth? Remember, man can be maintained on this earth only by honoring mankind, and this world will remain a battle ground of ferocious beasts of prey unless and until the educational forces of the whole world are directed to inculcating in man respect or mankind."

Given the unique nature of challenges facing humanity in general and the Muslim Ummah in particular, the relevance of Dr. Iqbal's message and thought has increased manifold. It is with a deep sense of pride that the Conference on Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the Poet and philosopher of all times is arranged by ECO, Jointly by Iran and Pakistan. Allama Iqbal gave us poetry that stirs our soul and his philosophy that serves as a reminder to lead a dynamic life. It also provides a deep and unyielding cultural linkage for the people of Iran and Pakistan. We hope this conference will further this cause and will strengthen this relation more.

The organizers of this Conference deserve our profound gratitude for holding this conference in a befitting manner and at an appropriate time when the visionary philosopher poet's message would matter the most not only for peace and tranquility of Muslim Ummah but the entire world.



Jun 22, 2015 08:21
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