Statement by H.E. Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Statement by  H.E. Mr. Nawaz Sharif.  Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Int'l Commemoration Conference on Allama Iqbal Lahori

14 June, 2015- Tehran


In the name of Allah


I fete the conveners of the Conference on Allama Iqbal that is being held under the auspices of ECO in Iran, I am sure that the proceedings of this esteemed conference will revisit the undeniable contribution rendered by this revered poet of the east in the cause of Islam and Muslim Ummah.

Allama Iqbal was the torchbearer of the resurgence of Islamic thought and values during the testy days of western colonialism. His highly discerning exposition of the ultimate truth contained in Islamic teachings was primarily instrumental in reviving the core global message of Islam. He exhorted upon the Muslim Ummah the universality of the existence that was much above the contentious considerations of man-made geographical boundaries. He preached that Islam is a natural bondage cutting across the narrow confines of race, creed or color.

Allama Iqbal's political discourses were prophetic in their entirety. He could foresee the gradual removal of the shackles of colonial subjugation from the entire Muslim world. He therefore proffered an ideology-based mode of existence for the emerging block of Islamic countries. His dispositions were rooted in reality and his undiluted vision underlined the contours of future course of wider Muslim fraternity.

Allama Iqbal chose the chaste and effective medium of poetry to expound his message. His profound verses reflected the glory of the great Muslim civilization and also pointed at the shortcomings of Islamic societies that led to their temporary eclipse. He modulated his message according to the yearnings of collective Muslim consciousness and emphasized upon reflective interpretation of the principles envisaged by Islam as a universal faith.

The unique wisdom of Allama Iqbal still illuminates the collective thought process of Islamic societal existence. His message is all the more relevant for rationalizing the civilizational crises besetting different societies. His teachings point the way forwards towards peaceful coexistence, global harmony and international amity. He categorically stated that ' a community which is inspired by feelings of ill-will towards other communities is low and ignoble; I entertain the highest respect for the customs, laws, religious and social institutions of other communities. Nay, it is my duty, according to the teaching of the Quran, even to defend their places of worship, if need be.'

It is very evident that Allama Iqbal's life-long mission was to orate in Muslim Ummah an impelling awareness of the need for synergizing efforts and energies for overall welfare of humanity. The scourges of terrorism and extremism that afflict our body politic can be eliminated by preaching Allam Iqbal's message that emphasizes forging unity in our ranks.



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