Mimar Sinan Photo Exhibition Held at ECI

Mimar Sinan Photo Exhibition Held at ECI
A photo exhibition of works of Mimar Sinan President: In his works, Mimar Sinan masterfully combined art with functionalism. All his works are regarded as one of the best samples of its kind.

"Architecture is a valuable aspect of commonalty among the peoples of the ECO region, our architectural heritage is our legacy from the past, hence, it is the mission of ECI to hold such events to value our heritage, to safeguard it as a treasure bequeathed to us by our ancestors."

Appreciating ECO Cultural Institute for organizing the exhibition, Şamil Öçal, Director of Turkey's Yunus Emre Cultural Institute in Tehran said: "Mimar Sinan left a big legacy to the history of civilization. He was a universal architect."

"The main source of inspiration in his works, of course, had been Islamic faith and Tawhid. Sinan had been influenced by common Islamic architecture in his time. You can find many of such elements in his works, for instance: Iran's Islamic architecture."

Further, Mehdi Golchin Arefi, historian of Islamic architecture and faculty member of Encyclopedia of Islamic World elaborated on architectural features of Mimar Sinan's works and called attaining his fame and status "the dream of architectures".

Describing Sinan's works, he said: "there is a perfect harmony with surrounding environment in his works as if those had been original components of that location and had not been added to it; this is the ultimate goal of architecture."

On the sidelines of the event, a photo exhibition of Mimar Sina's works including mosques, bazaars, bridges and public places was on display.



Mar 1, 2016 12:23
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