Message of ECI President to 31st Khwarazmi International Award (KIA):

Message of ECI President to 31st Khwarazmi International Award (KIA):



In the name of Allah



Research is one of the main axes of progress in societies and a way that advances the boundaries of knowledge to open up new horizons to set future goals. What makes a study worthwhile is an approach adopted by a researcher based on new findings because awareness without action is worthless.

A thinker who explores the words of the elite scientists and religious scholars to show what is right or wrong, or a scientist, who spends his life on investigation to relieve human sufferings, deserves reward from The Almighty. "And Allah has with Him a great reward."

A research is more robust and precise when it is performed by groups than individuals since it is based on collective wisdom. According to Mowlana, "Minds can help their fellow to discern." Thanks to research findings, human can answer many questions and pierce plenty of mysteries, but there are still many other issues that need to be dealt with, for science will never end.

Anyway, it seems unlikely that the development of societies in terms of their scientific, industrial and cultural structures will be achieved unless it is founded based on research. Therefore, scientific research underpins development advancements and provides the continuity of the developmental processes.

ECO Cultural Institute, as an international and independent regional organization that has always been committed to promote the scientific, cultural, artistic and literary goals of ECO member states recognizes and rewards the great work of all the experts and ,in particular, the organizers of this important event which is an effective step in promoting education and research. I congratulate the great scholars and intellectuals on this great achievement and I wish them a growing success.



Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri


ECO Cultural Institute (ECI)




Mar 11, 2018 11:09
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