ECI Hosts Unveiling the Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies

ECI Hosts Unveiling the Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies
The unveiling ceremony of the "Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies" was held on Sunday, April 29th 2018 with the presence of a number of cultural and academic figures including Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, Dr. Fatollah Mojtabaei, Dr. Abdollah Jasbi, Dr. Baha'eddin Khoramshahi, and Dr. Ali Mousavi Garmaroudi at the ECI diplomatic conference hall.

According to ECI Public Relations, in his speech, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri referred to the rich culture and civilization of ECO region and said: "ECO region with its deep-rooted history and brilliant civilization is the origin of the world's most prominent literary figures. A quick glance at some of the most popular literary works indicates the richness of the region in literature." Enumerating some of the dignitaries and literary masterpieces he added: "These works opens up new horizons before humanity to explore peace and comfort."

Dr. Mazaheri further addressed the unique position of Hafez in Eastern literature and his influence on Western literary figures such as Goethe, Nietzsche, and Emerson, and continued: "In Persian literature, no poets has represented so constant source of literary inspiration for scholars and no poets has ever been so much analyzed and interpreted."

While expressing his gratitude to Dr. Abdollah Jasbi, Dr. Baha'eddin Khoramshahi, Dr. Ali Mousavi Garmaroudi, Dr. Fatollah Mojtabaei and 150 authors of the Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies, he said: "ECO Cultural Institute has the honor to host the unveiling of the valuable book in the year 2018, which I proclaimed as the Year of Reading Books in the ECO Region."

Dr. Abdullah Jasbi, head of editorial board of the Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies, in his speech at the ceremony, while appreciating ECO Cultural Institute for hosting the ceremony, described different stages of the book production and said: "Hafez remains in history because in the tavern he sees the Divine Light and encourages preachers in virtue apparent and hidden."

Elsewhere in the meeting Dr. Baha'eddin Khoramshahi in his brief speech stated: "I express my heartfelt thanks to all the scholars who helped me attain my long lasting dream of publishing this book." He also alluded to the unparalleled position of Hafiz encyclopedia in different languages and said: "The book encompasses twenty different languages ​​and 100 writers which reflects the depth of the influence of Hafez poetry in today's world." At the end of his speech, he appreciated Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, president of ECO Cultural Institute for his rewarding hosting of the ceremony.

In continuation, Dr. Fatollah Mojtabai, indicated Hafez as an exception in the history of Persian language and literature and referred to him as one of the seven climax of Persian poetry alongside Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Mowlana, Sa'adi, Nezami, and Jami and stated: "Hafez and Mowlana have always been revered in our culture. Hafez is like a mirror before human beings, and that is why the divan of Hafez is consulted as a guide to future action."

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Ali Mousavi Garmaroudi and some other outstanding scholars of the country in Hafez studies delivered lectures on various aspects of the Encyclopedia of Hafez Studies".


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