ECI President Meets Mexican Ambassador

ECI President Meets Mexican Ambassador
At the invitation of Ambassador of Mexico to Tehran, ECI president Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri met with HE. Jose Alfonso Zegbe, at the ambassador's residence.

In the meeting, the Mexican ambassador, while appreciating the active collaboration of the Institute to venue the Mexican Film Week in Iran, alluded to Iran's  rich history of art and culture and related the similarities between Iranian and Mexican arts. He also expressed readiness to present his proposal to Dr. Mazaheri to implement joint cultural programs bilaterally and in the collaboration of other countries, ECI public relations reported.

Indicating the good experience of collaborating with the Mexican and Spanish embassies in celebrating the Mexican Film Week, Dr. Mazaheri said: "Within the framework of cultural diplomacy, we are ready to cooperate in the implementation of diverse programs in culture, art, literature, architecture, cinema and music."

Some of the other agreed programs at the meeting are:  organizing the Night of Mexico and ECO countries music, conducting research conferences on the similarities between Iranian and Mexican arts including traditional architecture and qanats, holding joint cultural events in cooperation with Latin American countries as well as MICTA countries (including Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Australia), holding photo exhibition on Norouz in the ECO region at Mexico's Museum of Culture.

At the end of the meeting, Alfonso Zegbe invited Dr. Mazaheri to attend a reception with the presence of the Ambassadors of MITCA countries to plan cultural events in cooperation with ECO Cultural Institute.



May 23, 2018 05:25
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