ECI President Met Ambassador of Brazil to Tehran

ECI President Met Ambassador of Brazil to Tehran
Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, president of ECO Cultural Institute, met with Brazilian ambassador, HE Mr. Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, on Thursday May 24, 2018 at the embassy of Brazil in Tehran.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Mazaheri provided a brief introduction about ECO Cultural Institute and the extensive activities carried out by the Institute in different areas, saying: "ECO Cultural Institute, within the framework of public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy, has launched several programs in the areas of national museums and libraries, culture, arts, literature, cinema, theater, visual arts, research, peace, women, sports, and environment." reported by ECI Public Relations.

He further alluded to some aspects of Brazilian culture and art and described a broad area for their joint cultural cooperation.

Referring to the support provided by the Brazilian National Library for the translation of the works of Brazilian authors into other languages, he announced preparedness to cooperate, adding: "Given the importance of academic projects under the current management of the Institute, the translation of these books could be carried out trilaterally with the cooperation of the top universities in Iran and the ECO region under the agreed theme of the MoUs signed in between."

Dr. Mazaheri, elsewhere alluded to the Brazilian leading painter Candido Portinari and suggested that ECI diplomatic gallery can host an exhibition on outstanding Brazilian paintings.

He also referred to Brazil as a member of the BRICS group as well as the position of Brazilian universities in the World's Best Universities rankings and expressed readiness to carry out cultural, artistic, literary, and review programs in cooperation with the top universities of Brazil at ECI headquarters in Tehran and in Brazil.

Introducing filmmakers from the ECO region to the Belo Horizonte International Film Festival, establishing relationships between the Brazilian National Film Agency (Ancine) and Farabi Cinema Foundation in Iran, organizing the Brazilian Film Week at the Institute along with holding workshops on Brazilian Cinema reviews, and screening premiere films from ECO region in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, were among the main focus of ECI president in the field of cinema.

Also, Dr. Mazaheri enumerated holding Brazilian traditional music night, photo exhibition on touristic attractions, cultural events and dignitaries of Brazil at ECI diplomatic gallery, as well as a joint event on sports, as other possible areas of cooperation.

Brazilian ambassador in Iran, HE Mr. Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, also welcomed the presence of ECI president and seized the meeting as a great opportunity to exchange ideas between the Brazilian embassy and ECO Cultural Institute and said: "I'm happy that you are interested not only in Brazil, but also in studies in the field of Brazil culture and art."

Santos continued to address the postgraduate scholarship program offered by Brazilian Ministry of Education to international students and asked Dr. Mazaheri to cooperate with the Brazilian embassy in order to inform the universities in the ECO region, and Iran in particular.

Dr. Mazaheri also referred to 40 scholarships received from Allameh Tabataba'i University as well as 5 Ph.D. scholarships from the University of Tehran for candidate in the ECO region and expressed readiness to cooperate with the Brazilian embassy in this regard.

While referring to the popularity of the art of graffiti in Brazil and the best examples of such street art in Tehran, Brazilian ambassador called for ECI contribution to facilitate the establishment of cooperation between the embassy of Brazil and the Tehran municipality.

At the end, Brazilian ambassador expressed both his satisfaction with the comprehensive suggestions made by Dr. Mazaheri as well as his confidence that under the management of ECI president, joint effective programs would be implemented.




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