ECO Cultural Institute a Capacity to Activate Cultural Iran

News - Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, president of ECO Cultural Institute, met with Mr. Niknam Hoseinipoor, CEO of Iran's Book House.

According to ECI Public Relations, while discussing the latest activities of Iran's Book House, the two sides held an exchange of views on the future framework of joint activities.

Introducing ECO Cultural Institute and its extensive activities in different fields, Dr. Mazaheri alluded to ECI Diplomatic Library with 6,000 books as a great opportunity for students, as well as ECO Magazine, as a suitable outline for joint activities and stated: "The formation of the Association of Publishers and Authors in the ECO Region, and allocating ECO Top Medal to book awards are among programs which could be carried out jointly with the cooperation of the Book House."

Elsewhere in the meeting, Mr. Hosseinipoor described ECO Cultural Institute as a potentiality for the Book House saying: "With this capacity, we can activate an International section for the Book House and Cultural Iran Institute." Referring to the summit of the Heads of libraries held in Tajikistan, he added, "This summit can be a base point for joint activities between the Book House, ECO Cultural Institute and its member states. He also expressed the preparedness of the Book House to hold specialized meetings with the participation of authors from Iran as well as ECO member countries; to translate Iranian books in ECO countries and vice versa; to introduce various books on Iranian studies to the World Award for the Book of the Year, and to introduce the activities of ECO Cultural Institute through IBNA news agency.




Jul 15, 2018 07:18
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