ECI Holds Second Session of Discourse on "Sama with the Sun"

ECI Holds Second Session of Discourse on "Sama with the Sun"
The second session of series of discourses on "Sama with the Sun" was held at ECO Cultural Institute.

According to ECI news, at the meeting, Dr. Sogol Mashayekhi, described following line from a famous ghazal of Divan-e Shams by Mowlana:

I was dead, I came alive, I was tears, I became laughter

All because of love when it arrived my temporal life from then on changed to eternal


Dr. Mashayekhi, while elaborating that ghazal is a state of mind and one must enter that state to come to understand it, employed clustering method of teaching to explicate the lines of this ghazal and added: "To better understand what a ghazal is all about; it is essential to familiarize one with terms, interpretations and literary figures along with examples."

Referring to the fact that the meeting of Mowlana with Shams was in fact the meeting with his superior self said: "This ghazal addresses the wise old man or the Shaikh who is the same internal angel or the superior self in the intuition that has been interpreted by the intellectuals as active intellect, the wise old, the red wisdom, the universal soul, the invisible witness or the divine angels, pire Moghan, and Daena.

The third session of discourse on "Sama with the Sun" will be held at the diplomatic library of ECO Cultural Institute on Monday, 16 July 2018 from 14:00 to 15:30.

ECO Cultural Institute is an international agency founded with the aim to consolidate cultural, artistic, and literary relations between ECO member states and other countries.



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