Music, an Experience beyond Words

Music, an Experience beyond Words
In the presence of the Chinese ambassador to Iran and the ECI President, the first of the Sino-Iranian music nights was held in the evening of Wednesday September 5, 2018 at ECO Cultural Institute.

According to ECI Public Relations, at the event, Professor Liu, director of the group of Chinese dulcimer players, presented an overview of the centuries-old movement of dulcimer from China and Iran and the return of this historical instrument to the hands of Chinese artists.

Next Dr. Mazaheri, the ECI President, delivered his speech outlining the dimensions of artistic cognition and its significance within the system of creation and expressed: "Music is an experience beyond words and is only comprehensible through senses". Moreover, he termed music 'a universal language' and said: "This language knows no frontier, race or age. Yet, it is always understood by all ethnicities."

While emphasizing on ECI's efforts for the preservation of the common cultural heritage of the member states and the region, Dr. Mazaheri further appreciated the efforts made by the organizers of Iran-China music program.

Furthermore, H.E. Mr. Pang Sen, the Ambassador of China to Iran, expressed his gratitude for hosting the event by ECI and highlighted the comprehensive outlook of ECI President, Dr. Mazaheri, in expanding the joint cultural endeavors of the Chinese civilization and ECI.

It is worth mentioning that at the first of the Sino-Iranian music nights, titled 'Millennium Echoes', a group of Chinese female artists played classical Iranian instruments that was well received by the audience.




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