The Concept of Peace Should be Learnt from Childhood

November's ‘Sound of Peace with Touran Mirhadi'
The Concept of Peace Should be Learnt from Childhood
‘Sound of Peace' is a program of the Ambassadors for Peace and Friendship Group, organized in cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute and the United Nations Office in Tehran.

According to the ECI Public Relations, the series of meetings, organized on a monthly basis, tend to contribute to the better recognition of the renowned figures or arts, cultural, sports and literary events across the ECO region, thus leading to the consolidation of international relations. November's ‘Sound of Peace' celebrates Touran Mirhadi.

Touran Mirhadi was the founder of both the Iranian Children's Book Council and the new education system. More than thirty articles and pictorial works of hers including photos, drawings, maps, tables and charts has been published. Since 1979, Touran Mirhadi dedicated her entire time to author the children and adolescent's dictionary, 17 out 23 volumes of which were written during her lifetime. The dictionary was recognized as ‘the book of the year' in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1998. Moreover, she received the ‘Promotion of Iranian Science Award' in 2000. She has also received the award for the best religious articles in the Encyclopedias in 2004.

November's ‘Sound of Peace with Touran Mirhadi' will be held at the ECO Diplomatic Conference Hall featuring the presence of intellectuals, artists as well as culture and literature enthusiasts on Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Ms. Noushafarin Ansari, Dr. Abbas Jamalpour and Mr. Hooshang Moradi shall deliver speeches at the event.



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