ECI & Bank Melli Iran Cooperate

To Promote Cultural Relations
ECI & Bank Melli Iran Cooperate
On February 2, 2019, Bank Melli Iran Museum, in collaboration with ECO Cultural Institute, hosted a group of artists, university professors and ambassadors of the ECI member states and other world countries.

According to ECI news, Dr. Mazaheri, ECI President, delivered a speech at the event welcoming the guests and appreciating the efforts made by Bank Melli Iran to organize the program for the representatives of ECO countries and stated: "Today, the museums play a pivotal role in the preservation of the culture and civilization as well as the promotion of countries' tourism. In other words, the museums are the mirrors reflecting the identity of nations".

He further emphasized on the role of museums in the cultural and economic progression of the countries and said: "Aiming to strengthen cultural relations and promote tourism among the member states, ECI supports the programs leading to the development of relations among these nations".

"Such programs may contribute to foster and promote sustainable peace", he concluded.

Also at the event, Mohammad Reza Hossein Zadeh, CEO of Bank Melli Iran, delivered a speech appreciating the support rendered by Dr. Mazaheri, the ECI President, for the promotion of the cultural commonalities among the nations and said: "Bank Melli Iran seeks to facilitate the commercial endeavors of the merchants and businessmen of different countries" adding "The Bank is the oldest one in the country with 3,350 national branches and 20 other ones in other countries. It also has fine working relationships with different European, Asian and African countries".

He concluded his remarks saying: "We endeavor to not only develop commercial relations through the Bank's potentials but also contribute to the conservation of the national cultural heritage and establish cultural relations."

It is worth mentioning that at the visit to the Museum, in addition to the ECI President and the ambassadors and representatives of the member countries, a group of diplomats from different countries including Norway, Finland, Germany, India, Turkey, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Britain and ... were also present and paid close visit to the old objects and valuable collections displayed at the museum, including coins, exquisite calligraphy works, carpets and miniatures, modern and classical paintings, old, precious gifts awarded by other banks or prominent personalities, as well as other historical documents.

The program concluded with a visit the diplomats made to the Bank's main Zoorkhaneh, where the guests became familiar with the ancient Pahlavani sport and the building of Sardar As'ad Bakhtiari (former venue of Bank Melli Iran Museum).





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