Establishment of 'ECO Universities Union'

ECI Holds a Meeting to Discuss
Establishment of 'ECO Universities Union'
Dr. Ahmad Nili, the chancellor of University of Tehran, met with Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, ECI President at the headquarters of this international institution.

According to ECI news, at the meeting held on December 30, 2019, Dr. Mazaheri pointed out the importance of the role of universities in the cultural strategy of this international organization, saying: "the formation of the Science and Culture Council, providing numerous scholarships for the academic community, conclusion of dozens of MoUs with the top domestic and foreign universities and the emphasis on research activities in the field of culture has been the ECO's Cultural Institute program in its incumbent tenure".

Furthermore, ECI president pointed to the establishment of new joint unions such as ECOMO, ECO Press and ECO Digital and proposed the establishment of the ECO Universities Union. He also talked about the vast scope of activities of ECI in different fields of culture such as libraries, museums and commemoration of luminaries of ECO Region and underscored: "As one of the important mediums of public diplomacy, sport is highly regarded and we propose holding the first sports Olympiad of ECO students".

In his remarks, the chancellor of University of Tehran, Dr. Nili, welcomed the initiatives of Dr. Mazaheri and expressed the readiness of the University of Tehran for extensive cooperation with ECI. He also pointed to the membership of University of Tehran in two international unions i.e. IAU and AUAD and expressed the readiness of the University of Tehran for hosting the first meeting of ECO Universities Union.

The meeting concluded with the visit paid by the chancellor of University of Tehran and the accompanying delegation to different parts of ECI and became acquainted with the activities of this international institute.




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