Iran & ECO Region to Expand Cooperation in the Field of Museums

At the Meeting of the Heads of Museums was Discussed
Iran & ECO Region to Expand Cooperation in the Field of Museums
At the meeting of the Director General of National Museums Affairs as well as the directors of national and private museums in Tehran with Dr. Mazaheri, the expansion of cooperation in the field of museum was discussed.

According to ECI news, at the meeting Dr. Mazaheri delivered a speech on the common cultural heritage of the ECO region and said: "expansion of cooperation in the fields of museums is the best path towards the promotion of the cultural and historical commonalities of these countries".

Pointing out to the research and training activities of museums, the President of the ECO Cultural Institute added: "Holding expert panels with researchers and professionals of the ECO member states in various fields of museums could particularly contribute to documenting the cultural heritage of the ECO region".

Also, taking into account the mission of the museums in the modern world and their special position in the recognition of the luminaries, achievements and spiritual heritage of nations, the ECI president stressed upon the need for paying more attention to the role of museums in the field of diplomatic relations between countries, the identification of common documents of the museums and introducing them to the enthusiasts and researchers of these areas.

At the meeting, the participating heads of museums expressed their gratitude towards Dr. Mazaheri's for his special interest in expanding the cultural interactions of ECO countries in the field of museums, hoping that a good platform be provided for further introducing the common cultural heritage of the ECO region with the cooperation of museums and the ECO Cultural Institute. They further presented some proposals in the area.

Concluding the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, ECI President, appreciated the views expressed by the participants and proposed convening the meeting of heads of ECO Museums in May 2019 concurrent with the National Museum Day, which was welcomed by the Director General of Museums Affairs and directors of national and private museums in Tehran.

Present at the meeting were directors of Iran National Museum, Malek Museum, Bank Melli Iran Museum, Cinema Museum, Niavaran Cultural Center, Bank Sepah Museum, Melal Dolls Museum, advisors and directors of ECO Cultural Institute.



Feb 18, 2019 11:47
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