ECO TV Cooperation in the Framework of 'ECOMU'

ECO TV Cooperation in the Framework of 'ECOMU'
The first meeting of the cultural attaches and counselors of the ECO member states in the new Persian year was held on Sunday April 14, 2019 at ECI headquarters.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri and attended by Dr. Peyman Jebelli, deputy director of IRIB World Service, cultural attaches/counselors of the ECO member states, representative of the Iranian foreign ministry and a group of professionals, scholars and academic figures at the venue of this international organization.

According to ECI Public Relations, at the beginning of the 9th meeting of the cultural attaches and counselors of the member states, Dr. Mazaheri pointed to the activities of ECI regarding establishment of different unions and said: "Today, we have the establishment of ECO Media Union (ECOMU) on the agenda to promote TV cooperation between the countries of the region".

Also pointing to the holding of the first meeting of the heads of national museums of the ECO member states to be hosted by Tehran in the near future, the ECI president added: "Cooperation in the field of Museums in this area is one of the issues neglected in the past, which has received special attention during the incumbent period".

Dr. Mazaheri further referred to tourism as one of the important events included in ECI's 2019 calendar of events and emphasized: "Welcoming of the initiative of opening ECI-Kish cooperation office by the Ambassadors of the member states indicated that tourism could serve as one of the most prominent programs defined in the framework of public diplomacy and thus, it should be followed up more vigorously in this international body.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Peyman Jebelli, the deputy director of IRIB World Service, also appreciated the initiative of Dr. Mazaheri, for the idea of the establishment of ECOMU Union and stated: "The strategic upgrade of the status of ECO member states during the recent years required a substantial evolution in the field of media event and fortunately, the first steps have been taken.

A member of the founding board of ECOMU Union further added: "The oldest Iranian TV channels outside the country are active in the countries of the region".

Elsewhere at the meeting, Mohammad Nejad, secretary of the founding board of ECOMU Union; Dabiri Nejad, executive secretary of the 1st meeting of heads of ECO museums; Kargar, Director General of Museums and National Historical Properties of Iran; Nokandeh, director of Iran National Museum; Monzavi, Director of Bank Melli Iran Exhibitions and Zokaee, the head of International Food Festival were other speakers of the meeting who presented a comprehensive report on their areas of activity.


Apr 17, 2019 08:22
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