ECO Ambassadors Visit Ayatollah Hashemi House-Museum

ECO Ambassadors Visit Ayatollah Hashemi House-Museum
On Thursday May 2, 2019, a group of ambassadors of the ECO member states and senior diplomats of other diplomatic missions as well as the president, directors, advisors and professional staff of the ECO Cultural Institute paid a visit to Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani House-Museum and praised his unmatched services.

According to ECI public relations, speaking at the ceremony accompanied by Mohsen Hashemi, Dr. Mazaheri said: "Museums are the cultural identity of the nations and also the symbol of public diplomacy. That is why we have gathered here."

He also expressed his gratitude for the presence of ECO ambassadors and diplomats of other missions at the ceremony, adding that Hashemi Rafsanjani is a prominent figure of the Islamic Revolution, and his House will inspire others on his views and opinions. Speaking at the ceremony, the Palestinian Ambassador, as the dean of the diplomatic missions expressed his special appreciation towards Dr. Mazaheri for his attention and interest in organizing such programs and stated: "Ayatollah Rafsanjani was one of the great political figures and it is a great honor that we today, we have gathered in his honor".

Referring to his long familiarity with Ayatollah Hashemi, he described him as a professional in different fields of politics, economics, and social sciences whose absence is a great loss. He also expressed his personal sincere regards for the Late Ayatollah.

In other parts of the program, the ambassadors of Turkey and Azerbaijan as well as Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani spoke on different aspects of life, works and personality of Ayatollah Hashemi.

It is worth noting that during the visit to Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani House-Museum, a group of ambassadors of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Croatia, Zimbabwe and members of other diplomatic missions stationed in Tehran including Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Pakistan participated who also made a short visit to Imam Khomeini (r.a.) house and Hoseiniyeh Jamaran.




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