Jahangir Kosari Expresses Readiness for Cinema Cooperation with ECI

Jahangir Kosari Expresses Readiness for Cinema Cooperation with ECI
Jahangir Kosari, the acclaimed Iranian movie producer, met with Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, the president of this international organization, on Monday, May 20, 2019, at ECI headquarters.

According to ECI public relations, referring to the special place of arts and culture, particularly cinema, in establishing friendships among nations and stated: "ECO region has a proper ground for joint cinematic productions which have so far not been precisely studied."
Referring to the production of three cinema movie screenplays during the incumbent period of management of this international organization, Dr. Mazaheri added: "Film making institutions and individuals should take advantage of the opportunity provided at this international organization for joint cinema production among the ECO countries".
He further pointed to the formation of the first ECO government TVs Union in cooperation with the IRIB World Service (ECOMU), and said: " ECOMU has on its agenda the joint production of TV series with ECO countries which will be hopefully realized in the near future".
At the meeting, Mr. Jahangir Kosari also appreciated Dr. Mazaheri's special attention to the development of cinematic relations among ECO countries and said: "I am ready to cooperate for making the first joint cinema movie in the ECO region".
The experienced Iranian movie producer then pointed to the special place of cinema in realizing the countries' diplomatic objectives and added: "Given the manifold cultural commonalities among the nations in ECO region, joint cinematic production can promise a bright future for the expansion of peace and friendship across the region".
Concluding his remarks, Kosari lauded the ECI president's practical approach in promoting joint sports collaborations among the ECO countries and said: "As one of the country's old sports figures, I am so pleased to see practical measures taken to integrate sports and culture in an international institution in Iran because as one of the great philosophers has said 'sport is the common heritage of all nations."

Jun 11, 2019 06:55
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