ECI Hosts Scientific Conference on Iqbal

On the Philosophy of 'Khudi' in the Poetry of Iqbal & Saadi
ECI Hosts Scientific Conference on Iqbal
The commemoration of two great luminaries of Persian Poetry on the philosophy of 'Khudi' in the poetry of Iqbal and Saadi was held at ECI headquarters on Tuesday, June 12, 2019 attended by Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, ECI president; Ms. Rafat Masood, Pakistan ambassador and a group of ambassadors, diplomats, intellectuals and scholars.

According to ECI public relations, Pakistan ambassador in Iran was the first speaker of the event who welcomed the guests and highlighted: "Without the sincere cooperation of Dr. Mazaheri, the ECI president, organizing of this event was impossible".

Continuing her remarks, she said that in order to honor the two great Persian speaking poets, she will continue speaking in Persian language and added: "This is a great honor for me that today, I am speaking about Saadi and Iqbal".
Pointing to the fact that the ambassadors are not just responsible for taking care of diplomatic issues, she said: "Culture is the spirit of friendship among all peoples and Iqbal and Saadi, relying on the philosophy of Khudi, are the best guides for nations to help create friendship and strengthening brotherhood and compassion among them". She further added: "Saadi lived 700 years before Iqbal and has dealt with the concept of Khudi then. The reason for holding a joint commemoration for Iqbal and Saadi was the concentration of these two Persian speaking poets on this philosophy of Khudi."
She also expressed appreciation for the attention paid by the Iranians to Iqbal's poems and said: "The application of Persian language in Iqbal poetry should serve as the platform for the expansion and revival of Persian language in Pakistan". She concluded his remarks expressing gratitude to Dr. Mazaheri for his sincere cooperation in organizing the commemoration of two great Persian speaking poets and appreciated the presence of the diplomats, scholars and academicians at the ceremony.
Also at the ceremony, Dr. Mazaheri appreciated the presence of professors from University of Tehran, ambassadors, diplomats as well as cultural figures of the country as well as the attention paid by Ms. Rafat Masood in organizing the commemoration ceremony and underscoring the importance of the conservation of Persian language as a common language of the ECO Region.
Referring to the position of the Persian language and its profound influence over the societies of the ECO region, he further stated: "Among numerous luminaries of the ECO region, Sheikh Mosleh-al-Din Saadi Shirazi and Allama Iqbal Lahori are two outstanding figures in the field of Persian language and literature who share viewpoints on the philosophy of Khudi."
Pointing to the role of "travel" in the shaping of the thoughts and works of these two great Persian speaking poems, the ECI president said: "The attention and emphasis on the philosophy of Khudi is that these two wise people were totally aware of the political, social and moral issues of their contemporary societies and sought solutions through their poetic and philosophical approaches".
Referring to holding such kind of ceremonies and expert panels at the ECO Cultural Institute, he then emphasized: "This scientific and literary conference can help not only revive and expand thoughts and messages of Saadi and Iqbal but also strengthen literary relations among the ECO countries".
The ECI president then pointed to the publication of eight works of Allama Iqbal Lahori at this international organization and said: "I believe that the publication of works of the intellectuals facilitates attaining a proper understanding of the cultural diversity of nations with different historical experiences".
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Zolfaqar Chima, the head of Iqbal Foundation in Pakistan, Dr. Ghassem Safi, professor of University of Tehran, and Dr. Baghai Makhan, a contemporary Iqbal scholar from Iran, were among the other speakers of this conference, each of whom examined the role and influence of the Persian language in the literature on the ECO region and explained different aspects of "philosophy of the self" in the poems of the two great intellectuals of Persian language, i.e. Saadi and Iqbal.
According to the same report, the live performance of music in two parts, the boobs and the celebration of the scholars with the award ceremony from other parts of the ceremony, welcomed the audience. Two live music performances, poetry-reading and veneration of scholars were other parts of the program which were received by the audience.


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