ECI President Visits Nations' Dolls Museum

ECI President Visits Nations' Dolls Museum
Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, ECI president, visited the Nations' Dolls Museum and met with the directors of this art institution.

According to ECI news, at the meeting held on Wednesday August 14, 2019, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, ECI president, pointed to the common culture of the ECO countries and expressed hope that in the near future, cultural programs featuring the nations' dolls will be organized.
He then continued his remarks pointing to the joint cooperation between the ECO member countries with those of non-members, and emphasized on further expansion of cooperation.
Ali Golshan, director of the Museum of the Nations' Dolls Museum, also appreciated the comprehensive viewpoint of the ECI president on various aspects of arts and cultural cooperation in ECO region and presented a brief history of this private museum and its dolls.
He also pointed to stories associated with some of the museum's main dolls and how they were built, saying: "Nations' Dolls Museum might be considered a collection of ethnic, handmade dolls of Iran and the world holing inside them the native legends."
Established in 2014 to preserve the history and culture of the world nations, the Nations' Dolls Museum contains than 2000 dolls from 80 countries used as powerful, efficient means of promoting peace and friendship among world nations. The museum's mostly handmade dolls reflect the culture, customs, and lifestyle of different areas.
Further at the meeting, ECI directors and advisors agreed on some potential joint programs for the expansion of cooperation in the field.



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