Establishment of the Country's 1st Diplomat Cinema

Establishment of the Country's 1st Diplomat Cinema
At the trilateral of the meeting of ECI, Farabi Cinema Foundation and the Milad Tower was held attended by Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, Alireza Tabash and Mojtaba Tavassol and others at the headquarters of this international organization.

According to ECI news, at the meeting held on Monday, August 5, 2019, Dr. Mazaheri emphasized the need to use cinema as one of the most important components of cultural diplomacy and announced ECI's readiness to establish the country's first Diplomats Cinema in Tehran's Milad Tower.
Alireza Tabash, CEO of Farabi Cinema Foundation, also welcomed the initiative of ECO Cultural Institute and appreciated Tehran Milad Tower's cooperation in planning the establishment of the country's first Diplomats Cinema, saying: "Establishing the Diplomats Cinema is one of the most efficient components of cultural diplomacy in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Farabi Cinema Foundation is ready to cooperate in this regard."
Engineer Mojtaba Hosseini Tavassol, director of Milad Tower, also praised the special attention paid by Dr. Mazaheri, ECI president, as well as the sincere cooperation of Farabi Cinema Foundation in realizing the establishment of the country's first diplomats' cinema in Milad Tower. He concluded his remarks saying: "Besides displaying the country's power of development and advancement, Milad Tower should also represent the antiquity and grandeur of the Iranian-Islamic culture".
It is noteworthy that the first diplomats' cinema will be inaugurated in early October 2019 in Milad Tower in cooperation with ECI, Farabi Cinema Foundation and Milad Tower to provide arts and cultural services to the diplomats residing in Tehran as well as foreign tourists.

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