'Travelogue of Tajikistan, Samarkand & Bukhara (Uzbekistan)'

Launching Ceremony of the Book
'Travelogue of Tajikistan, Samarkand & Bukhara (Uzbekistan)'
In August 2019, the launcing ceremony of the book "Travelogue Tajikistan, Samarkand and Bukhara" written by Dr. Nadereh Badiee was held in collaboration with the Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Association at the ECO Diplomatic Conference Hall.

Present at the event were Dr. Mazaheri, ECI President; Tajikistan's Ambassador Nizamuddin Zahedi; Ali Ashraf Mojtahed Shabestari; Dr. Gholamreza Aavani, Member of the ECI High Council for Science and Culture; Dr. Mousavi Movahedi, Secretary General of the Secretariat for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World (SASTIW), ECI directors and advisors, diplomats, members of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a group of scholars.
At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Mazaheri described the common geographical territory and the deep cultural and historical background of the ECO countries as the cornerstone of the strong ties of friendship and unity between these countries.
Further emphasizing on the need for maximum cooperation of the member states through collective wisdom, the ECI president added: "Language, literature, music, architecture, arts and traditions are the key elements of cultural commonalites among the ECO member states and have bound the peoples of this universally strategic region together for centuries. The world's influencers are linked together. The works created by the intellectuals and luminaries of the ECO region serve as the most prominent manifestation of their culture and civilization, and play a special role in positively reflecting the cultural identity, values, beliefs and behaviorial patterns of the people of this region.
Tajikistan's Ambassador to Tehran, H.E. Dr. Nizamuddin Zahedi, was the next speaker who appreciated organizing the veremony and praised Dr. Mazaheri's special attention to the expansion of scientific and cultural exchanges among ECO countries. Poniting to the cultural, historical and literary links between Iran and Tajikistan, H.E. Dr. Zahedi added: "The recognition of such background existing between the two nations resulted in the emergence of a new field of literary research that might be called 'Tajikistan Studies', the outcome of which is the publication of numerous books and travelogues in the field of Mesopotamian literature. The beautiful book 'Travelogue of Tajikistan, Samarkand and Bukhara (Uzbekistan)' is one of these important works written in contemporary era."
Further at the event, Ali Ashraf Mojtahed Shabestari, head of the Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Association, appreciated ECI president's efforts and talked about the activities of Naderi Badiee's in the field of Tajikistan Studies. He then continued his remarks highlighting her several decades of efforts in the preservance of the Persian language and the script of the ancestors and said: "Linguistic and cultural solidarity are the subject of many her numerous works".
Elsewhere at the ceremony, Dr. Hajir Tehrani, Eng. Mohammad Taghi Horabadi, and Professor Sadegh Cheraghi addressed the research and literary aspects of Nadereh Badiee's works.

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