Meeting of the Activists of Children & Adolescents' Affairs

Meeting of the Activists of Children & Adolescents' Affairs
In August 2019, a meeting of the activists of children and adolescent affairs was held at ECO Cultural Institute. At the meeting, aimed at the development of market, services and content among ECO member states, heads of institutions such as Nabat, Hamnava Institute, Dani, Mani Pars Mad, Madreseh-ye Man, Anarestan, Teen Tech, Doozley Book, Digitoon, Filmamooz Series, Ghesseh Land and a number of competent people working in the field of children and adolescents were present.

Hosseini, the secretary of the conference, presented brief information on the background and process of these meetings. Then on behalf of the ECO Cultural Institute, Dr. Imani welcomed the audience and expressed hope that the relationship between the children and adolescent activists and the ECO Cultural Institute would continue.
"During the incumbent period of ECI's management, policies have been made based on collective wisdom, and in this respect, the presence of children and adolescents' activists might contribute to expanding interactions with ECO member states," she said.
Dr. Tayyebeh Mohammed, the secretary of Peace and Family Council, also spoke at the meeting on the capacities of the ECO Cultural Institute in the area of children and adolescents.
Further at the meeting, the participants discussed ways of cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute and outlined the challenges ahead, rules of job, and practical steps to be taken by the association of activitists of children and adolescents affairs and the ECO Cultural Institute.
Moreover, it was decided that members would submit their suggestions to Peace and Family Council on how to interact with ECO member states.
Holding meetings of activitists of children and adolescents' affairs aims international market, particulalry those of the ECO member states, and the respective meetings will continue to be held on a monthly basis.

Sep 23, 2019 08:04
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