Expert Panel on 'Sanai's Position in the Realm of Art'

Concurrent with the National Day of Persian Poetry & Literature
Expert Panel on 'Sanai's Position in the Realm of Art'
Coinciding with the National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature, the 10th of ECI's arts, cultural, literary and scientific lecture sessions was held on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at the ECO Diplomatic Library of ECO Cultural Institute.

Present at the session were directors, advisors and a large group of artists and prominent professors.
At this specialized meeting, Dr. Nader Karimian Sardashti, a researcher and lecturer, appreciated Dr. Mazaheri's support for holding such literary sessions and said: "In today's world where unity, convergence and finding a common human identity is felt more than ever before, the shared luminaries of the Region are the mediums for the exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as international peace and concord, bearing the responsibility of cultural diplomacy and thus inspire democracy and social justice in societies."
A faculty member of linguistics department of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization further added: "With its wide range of cultural and mystical literature, Persian literature is renowned across the world and Sanai's works are at the peak of artworks. He is a wise, mystic and poet in all fields of mysticism and theology, wisdom and Sufism. Character of Sanai Ghaznavi is one of the rare figures in the history of Iran, Afghanistan and the region. He us one of the great mediators of the Iranian culture and civilization in the transfer of mysticism and Sufism to later periods. He is the heir to the ancestors and plays a key role in the field of mysticism and sufism".
Elsewhere at the ceremony, Dr. Karimian Sardashti elaborated upon Sanai's trips and the impact mystics and Sufis left on him during these travels. He further talked about Sanai's works, but proven and alleged, saying that his works reflect his high level of wisdom.
Literary Schools, differences of prose and poetry, Forms of Imagination, Khorasani and Iraqi Styles, Post-Sanai Poets, Educational Literature, Sanai's critical and anthropologist poetry, Sana'i intellectual resources (books, Islamic tradition and culture, Sufi texts, and Iranian heritage) were other concepts discussed at the meeting.

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