Laozi Book Translated into Tajiki

Laozi Book Translated into Tajiki
Tajikistan publications 'Contrast' has released 'The Path of Virtue' written by Laozi, the 5th-6th century BC chinses philosopher in Tajiki language for the first time.

The idea has been the initiative of Parviz Dolatzoda, the ambassador of Tajikistan to China under the supervision of Dr. Zafar Seyedzadeh, the Tajik scholar and with the cooperation of Tajikistan-China Exchange Center.
'The Path of Virtue' is a precious work of humanity's intellect and wisdom which portrayed the ways of the world years before, while reading the book, the reader will come to realize the secret behind the eternal nature of the book and the thoughts of the Chinese scholar.
The followers of Taoism and millions of philosophy enthusiasts consider the book as the charter of wisdom and a practical guide for a healthy life. The book is called 'The Book of the Sage' in literary circles.

Jan 21, 2020 09:51
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