Tojikfilm 'Unvarnished Mirror' Screened for the First Time in China

Tojikfilm 'Unvarnished Mirror' Screened for the First Time in China
The Movie 'Unvarnished Mirror', produced by the governmental institute 'Tojikfilm' was screened at the Chinese cinemas at the initiative of China Film Foundation.

Directed by Saidov, the renowned Tajik director, the movie is about salvation and human feelings. Artists such as Mohammad Ali Mohammadov, Parviz Saidov, Madina Nazarmanava and Timur Tursunov have played roles in this film.
It is worth mentioning that this is the first Tajik movie screened at Chinese cinemas after Film Festival of Shanghai member countries.
'Unvarnished Mirror' has been one of the significant and box-office movies of the recent years in Tajikistan and conveys the message of friendship among nations.
It is screened in line with the Chinese project 'One Belt, One Road' to foster goodwill between the two neighboring countries of Tajikistan and China.
Moreover, during 2015, some Chinese films were screened in Tajikistan and in 2019, an MoU of cooperation in the field of cinema affairs was signed between the two countries.
Screening of the film 'Unvarnished Mirror' is considered a fine opportunity for the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of cinema.

Jan 21, 2020 09:57
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