Shiraz Strives to Earn Title 'World City of Handicrafts''

Shiraz Strives to Earn Title 'World City of Handicrafts''
As compared to previous years, the city of Shiraz has made utmost efforts during the current Iranian year (March 2019-March 2020), in the field of handicrafts, making itself ready to obtain the title of World Craft City.

According to ECI public relations quoting IRNA, the case of Shiraz is being finalized at World Craft Council and recently, the Council's evaluators have expressed their opinion. Therefore, the activists and residents of the city are looking forward for the official announcement to come.
Establishing 130 new shops to offer handicrafts, setting up the first world trade center for handicrafts in Shiraz, organizing conferences and exhibitions and providing facilities for those involved in this industry are some measures that have been taken during this year so that the city could earn the title 'World Craft City'.
So far, ten Iranian cities active in different fields of handicrafts have joined World Craft Council and this year, four more cities are being assessed for inclusion in the list. These cities include Shiraz as the 'World City of Handicrafts', Zanjan as the 'World City of Filigree, Gilan's Qasemabad as the 'World City of Chador Shab' (a kind of homemade outer-garment for women) and Malayer as the 'World City of Woodcarving'.

Feb 6, 2020 09:01
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