On the Occasion of the Demise of Hassan Anousheh

Message of ECI President
On the Occasion of the Demise of Hassan Anousheh
The ECI President issued a message of condolence on the occasion of the demise of Hassan Anousheh, a Cultural Figure of the ECO Region and a Scholar of Persian Language and Literature. The Text of the message is as follows:

The sad news of the demise of Master Hassan Anousheh profoundly filled the hearts of literature enthusiasts and the community of the ECO Region's scholars and authors with sorrow.
Master Hassan Anousheh was an author, translator, scholar and supervisor of the group of authors of the 'Encyclopedia of Persian Literature' who left behind several works in the areas of common culture and history of the countries of ECO region; works that contributed to more understanding of the ECO nations of each other's cultural commonalities.
That is why during the ECO Summit Meeting held on October 16, 2012 in Baku, the Presidents and culture ministers of the ECO region selected him as the Best Researcher and Cultural Figure of ECO Region.
It is worth mentioning that in 2012, ECI publications, in collaboration with Ghatreh publications, released the unique book 'The Unheard Persian' consisting Persian words and idioms used in Afghanistan that was recognized as worthy of appreciation at the 31st edition of Iran's Book of the Year Award in Persian language branch. The Cambridge History of Iran, 'Afghanistan in Solitude', and translation of book such as the 'History of Sistan', 'Iranian Civilization', 'Ghazvanid History', 'History of Civilization', 'Iran at the Dawn of History' and editing of the Divan of Rudaki Samarkandi are but a few of his remarkable and lasting works.
In the area of Persian language and literature, the priceless and valuable 'Encyclopedia of Persian Literature' is the one for which the late Master Anousheh is renowned for globally. He supervised the team of authors of the Encyclopedia and his contributions in this regard are commendable.
On behalf of the countries of the ECO Region, I would like to express our heartfelt condolences on this sad event to his esteemed family as well as the scholars and authors and pray Almighty God to bestow patience upon those survived and everlasting peace for the departed soul.

Sarvar Bakhti
President of ECO Cultural Institute


Apr 12, 2020 10:05
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