American Journal Recommends Visiting Iran's 'Pink Mosque'

American Journal Recommends Visiting Iran's 'Pink Mosque'
A popular tourist journal of the US has included Iran's Pink (Nasir al-Molk) Mosque in the list of world's sacred place to visit.

According to ECI public relations quoting ISNA news agency, the journal «Condé Nast» published in New York is one of the best-selling world tourism journals and during the days when most borders are closed to the tourist, has published a list of 19 world sacred places including churches, hills and ancient temples among which Iran's Pink or Nasir al-Molk Mosque located in Shiraz (southern Iran) is the selected picture.
Nasir al-Molk mosque, which is mostly known by foreign tourists as the Pink Mosque, is the fifth sacred place proposed by this popular magazine to the adventurers and those interested in making spiritual trips.
Built in 1888 during Qajar era at the instruction of Mirza Hasan Khan Ali known as Nasir al-Molk, one of the lords and aristocrats of Shiraz, the son of Mirza Ali Akbar Qavam-ol-Molk, the ruler of Fars, the Mosque is famous for its dazzling marquetry, colored tiles as well as the unique composition of colored glasses.

May 4, 2020 07:12
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