On the Demise of Prof. Mir Husain Shah

ECI's Message of Condolence
On the Demise of Prof. Mir Husain Shah
The Great Afghanistani Literary Figure, Historian & Researcher

The very sad demise of Prof. Mir Husain Shah, a professor of history at Kabul University and one of the founders of the university's faculty of literature and social sciences, is a great loss for the region and quite heartbreaking for me.
Along with teaching and training lots of students, Prof. Mir Husain Shah authored tens of priceless research books that have been published both locally in Afghanistan and internationally. He lived concurrently with celebrated historians and intellectuals of the time such as Abdulhay Habibi, Mir Ghulam Muhammad Ghubar, Taleb Qandahari, Shayeq Jamal, Muhammad Hashem Maiwandwal and tens of other intellectuals.
Prof. Mir Husain Shah was among the few Afghanistani historians who believed that history should be narrated analytically. He has left behind many works in history and literature the most well-known of which are: translation of 'Hudud al - Alam min al - mashriq Ila al - maghrib' (Regions of the World from East to West) with commentaries by Minorskii, 'Life and Works of Amir Alisher Navoi', 'Afghans in India', 'Life and Works of Bedil', 'Historiography in the East', 'History of India during the Middle Ages', Pashto manuscripts in England's libraries and tens of other precious works that have been utilized as reference sources by students, professors and researchers across the world.
I would like to express my deepest condolences to the peoples of the region as well as the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the loss of this great literary figure, historian and intellectual of the region. I pray to God to bestow everlasting peace upon the deceased.

Sarvar Bakhti
President of ECO Cultural Institute



May 28, 2020 04:35
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