Turkmen Novel 'A Stranger' to be Published in French

Turkmen Novel 'A Stranger' to be Published in French
At the French Institute in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, a ceremony was held to select the cover design of the novel 'A Stranger' written by Atajan Tagan, a celebrated Turkmen writer.

According to ECI public relations quoting, the novel ' A Stranger' written by Atajan Tagan, the well-known Turkmen writer, will be published in French language.
Last year, a contest was held for the best cover design for this book among Turkmen artists. The jury is supposed to select the best design from among 14 entries submitted and announce the voting results within a week.
The theme of the story goes back to the second half of the 19th century when an officer of the French army, artist and topographer, who participated in the military expedition of the Persians to the Murghab oasis, was captured in 1861 by the Teke soldiers. Studying the language, customs, culture, values of the Turkmen people, the French officer is imbued with sincere sympathy for the villagers and becomes their friend. "We will definitely meet!" - with these words they bid farewell him ... Being among the Turkmen people, the French officer kept a diary. Returning home, he set forth his memories and impressions in a book published under the title "14-month captivity at the Turkmen people".
At the event, the students of the French Institute staged several most striking fragments of the work which were warmly welcomed by the audience.
It is worth mentioning that Atajan Tagan, the renowned author of the book, was also present.

Jun 16, 2020 11:34
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