A Total of 145 Archeological Objects Identified at Qaleh Ganj, Kerman

A Total of 145 Archeological Objects Identified at Qaleh Ganj, Kerman
The supervisor of the archaeological team working in the central section of Qaleh Ganj county in Kerman city of Iran said that 145 archeological finds have been unearthed during the excavations made with the permission of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism.

According to ECI public relations quoting IRNA, while announcing this, Fatemeh Alizadeh said that the objects discovered are very diverse and include ancient mounds, sites, graveyards, qanats, shrines, petroglyphs, furnaces, caravanserais and fortresses.
She went on saying that in fact these findings seem to portray a long-term sequence of cultural eras dating from stone age and pre-historic times to the late Islamic period.
Concluding her remarks, Alizadeh reiterated: "Considering the fact that only a fraction of the area has been examined so far, so the number of archeological finds is expected to rise in the future".
Fereydoon Fa'aali, the director general of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization of Kerman province had previously told an IRNA reporter that based on the archeological surveys, human inhabitance in Qaleh Ganj county dates back to 5 thousand B.C.

Jun 23, 2020 08:11
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