The book 'Kart Dynasty of Herat' to be Published

By Baysonghor Research Institute
The book 'Kart Dynasty of Herat' to be Published
Baysonghor Research Institute in Herat is publishing the book 'Kart Dynasty of Herat' written by the celebrated Afghanistani translator, Ali Muhammad Zahma.

According to ECI public relations quoting Mehr News Agency, Baysonghor Research Institute of Herat is going to publish the book 'Kart Dynasty of Herat' written by late Professor Ali Muhammad Zahma, the distinguished Afghanistani translator. Zahma, one of the outstanding translators and researchers of Afghanistan and professor of literature at Kabul University, passed away in August 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
After Mohammad Davood's coup d'état, and particularly since the late 1950s, Zahma was banned from teaching at the university, was harassed a lot and imprisoned and tortured at some points. Thus, he left Afghanistan. He has left significant works of translation in various fields including philosophy, sociology, and literature, some of which have not yet been published.
Kart Dynasty mentioned in this book were a group of rulers in Khorasan during 643 to 783. The first ruler of the dynasty, and in fact its founder, was King Shamsuddin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr, whose lineage traces back to the Kings of Ghurid dynasty. The capital of this dynasty was the city of Herat and a total of eight monarchs found the opportunity to rule. The Kart Dynasty was overthrown by Amir Timour Gurkani.

Jun 29, 2020 08:20
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