Aidar Aishabikov Performs at Trafalgar Sq. in London

Aidar Aishabikov Performs at Trafalgar Sq. in London
Kazakh students living in the British capital of London played Dombra in downtown London.

According to ECI public relations quoting, on the occasion of Dombra Day, Aydar Aishabikov, the renowned Kazakh musician, performed Dombra in the famous Trafalgar Square in London. Aishabikov, a student of Faculty of Laws at University College London and winner of the 'Bashalaq' contest, made the performance to make Londoners acquainted with both this Kazakh national instrument and the country's music.
"Dombra is not only the national instrument of Kazakhs, but is also considered a part of our cultural heritage, and I occasionally play it for foreign friends who warmly welcome the performance."
The Kazakh Association of Foreigners has decided to make a video clip of the program and post it on virtual networks.
It should be noted that her performance was well received by the audience.

Jul 9, 2020 08:14
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