Uzbekistan Academy of Arts Holds 'Our Heritage' Exhibition

Uzbekistan Academy of Arts Holds 'Our Heritage' Exhibition
Displaying works by Andrey Krikis, a famous artist and painter, the solo exhibition 'Our Heritage' was held at Uzbekistan Academy of Arts.

Andrey Krikis was born in the Russian city of Yaroslavl to a family of archaeologists. His father moved to Tashkent and was then transferred to Samarkand. The artist's first exhibition was held in 1986 and the last in 1994.
So far, Krikis has created over 500 works which have been exhibited in Irkutsk, Kazan (Russia), Riga, Moscow, Delhi, Stockholm, Bengal, and San Francisco. Some of his works are kept at museums in the U.K., Germany, Greece, the United States, Russia, Thailand, France and Sweden.
This year marks the 70th birth anniversary of the artist and the current exhibition has been mounted aiming to familiarize the young generation with the artist's activities.
The exposition displays more than 20 works from the personal collection of the artist at the repository of the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Uzbekistan's Academy of Arts.

Jul 14, 2020 10:10
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