Pakistan-Iran Cultural Commonalities in the Course of History

Pakistan-Iran Cultural Commonalities in the Course of History
The history of Iran and (present-day) Pakistan dates back to 2500 years and the reign of Darius and the Achaemenid conquest of the Indus Valley and its annexation to Iran.

According to ECI public relations quoting Tasnim News Agency regional office, while releasing the second part of Pamir documentary series, the website of the cultural institute 'Pakistan- the most Iranian neighbor' emphasized that Iran-Pakistan relations are 2500 years old.
According to 'Pamir' documentary, Yamauchi, the renowned Asian archaeologist, notes in his well-known historical book that Gandhara civilization was the easternmost and richest province of the Achaemenid Empire. He further emphasizes that Gandhara used to offer an annual amount of 800 kg gold to the Iranian king's court.
The documentary goes on saying that Darius was interested in the fertile plain of Sindh. Therefore, he commissions Scylax, one of his senior officers, to explore the course of Indus River. Upon discovering that the Indus River flows into Oman Sea, the Achaemenid king decides to annex the region to Iran. This is the beginning of Iran-Pakistan relations when provinces such as Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan in present-day Pakistan are annexed to Iranian territory.
Another part of this special segment of 'Pamir' documentary deals with the activities of some people working in the area of cultural Iran.
Through 'Pamir' video series, the cultural institute 'Pakistan- the most Iranian neighbor' attempts to address different cultural, historical, ideological and political dimensions of Iran-Pakistan relations.
The previous section of the same series dealt with the national anthem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, %96 of which is composed of Persian words.

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