3,500-year-old Archeological Objects Found in Kazakhstan

3,500-year-old Archeological Objects Found in Kazakhstan
Archaeologists have unearthed artifacts in Kazakhstan dating back more 3500 years.

According to ECI public relations quoting, the objects date back to the Bronze Age and were discovered on the banks of the Taldi River and comprise of cosmetics and jewelry.
The archaeologists are of the opinion that these objects date back to more than 3500 years. During excavations, archaeologists found a woman buried with her jewelry including a gold earring, a ring and bracelet. Moreover, around 200 grams of other bronze objects were found, some of which have been described in Iliad.
It is said that the method of production of such objects testifies to the high expertise and craftsmanship of the inhabitants of the region in metal products during that era. Totally, more than 120 amazing objects have been found in this area, 80 of which are bronze and belong to the 16th-17th centuries AD.

Jul 26, 2020 06:01
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