Alisher Karimov Sings an Uzbek Song

In Response to the Uzbek Artist's Singing in Kazakh Language:
Alisher Karimov Sings an Uzbek Song
Following the famous Uzbek singer, John Rumi, presented the song 'Atamkin' to the people of Kazakhstan, Alisher Karimov, the famous Kazakh singer, performed the song 'Uzbekistan' in Uzbek language in response to the initiative of his Uzbek counterpart.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute quoting, Alisher Karimov was quoted as saying: "In these turbulent times, we must do all we can to strengthen and deepen cultural and historical ties. The two friendly countries of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have lived together for many years and have a long history of friendship and brotherhood. John Rumi's song met with a huge wave of success in Kazakhstan society, and thus, I decided to present the famous song 'Uzbekistan' to the people of Uzbekistan." 
The song 'Uzbekistan' is a very popular song in the country and the Kazakh singer has performed skillfully, which was well received in Uzbekistan.


Jul 30, 2020 05:20
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