Tourists Increased Interest in Turkey's Ancient City of Hadrianopolis

Tourists Increased Interest in Turkey's Ancient City of Hadrianopolis
Tourist have shown increased interest in the Ancient city of Hadrianopolis, known as the " Zeugma of the Black Sea".

Located in the ski town of Karabuk, this ancient city is famous for its mosaics with mythological motifs and animals.
Located in Eskipazar city of Karabuk, the motifs of mythical creatures and animals depicted on the site mosaics have brought the city its reputation.
Dr. Ersin Celikbas, a Faculty member of Archeology department at Karabuk University and Director of Coordination at Excavation Activities, told reporters that so far, two baths, two church structures, one defensive structure, rock tombs, an amphitheater, one arch and dome structure, monumental cultic niche, city walls and various edifices have been uncovered in 14 different parts of the entire excavation site in Hadrianopolis.
Emphasizing that a 25-member-team is carrying out excavations on the site under the management of Kastamonu Museum, Celikbas added: "Hadrianopolis is an important site for Anatolia," said Celikbash, adding: "The most important historical element belongs to the 1st century BC to the present times. The site is also important in terms of tourism. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit this area and admission is free."

Jul 30, 2020 05:45
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