'Atbai's Fight' Qualifies for Shanghai Int'l Film Festival

'Atbai's Fight' Qualifies for Shanghai Int'l Film Festival
Made by Kazakh director Adilkhan Yerzhanov, the film 'Atbai's Fight' qualified for the special section of the Shanghai International Film Festival in China.

According to ECO Cultural Institute quoting, the festival was scheduled to take place in Shanghai on June 13 to 22, 2020, but due to corona virus pandemic, it was rescheduled for July 25 - August 2, 2020. On July 25 and August 1 - 2, people of Shanghai will watch the movie 'Atbai's Fight' in 3 cinemas of the city. The story of the film is about a young man named Atbai, famous for his street fights, who decides to take part in martial arts competitions, win and make a change in his life with marrying the woman he loves.
The Shanghai International Film Festival is China's largest film event, held annually since 1993. In 1993, a number of 167 films from 33 countries participated in the festival. In 2018, 3447 films from 108 countries were submitted to the festival secretariat. The main prize of the festival is the "Golden Cup".

Aug 2, 2020 09:19
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