Splendor of History in Tajikistan's 'Kokhi Navruz'

Splendor of History in Tajikistan's 'Kokhi Navruz'
The complex building begun in 2009 and completed in September 2014.

From the very beginning the complex - "Kohi Navruz" was planned as the biggest national tea house in Central Asia, but in the process of building it turned into a real museum of national handicrafts of Tajik people. The whole territory of the complex including fountains, summer pavilions and garden - takes more than four hectares. Approximately four thousand craftsmen from all parts of Tajikistan were involved in the process of building. Generally, the handicrafts of the complex are about forty thousand sq. m., they are: decorative wood carving of colon and ceilings, wall decorations: woodcarving, Florentine mosaic in colored mirrors, painted ceilings. Height of the biggest cupola is forty meters. The complex has seven lifts, including panorama elevator, bowling, billiard, movie theater 3D, night club, shop art gallery and a small national teahouse, but the most breathtaking side of the building is its halls.
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Aug 3, 2020 06:59
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